An accurate valuation of your property

Select two or three agents to help you understand the correct price and how they differ in service. You could mystery shop agents before booking a valuation.


Choose and instruct your trusted agent

At this point is important to have all your budgets and finances in place. We would also suggest research and choose your solicitor and start the initial paperwork.


Prepare the property and agree a marketing strategy

First impressions are everything, ensure your property looks at its best for photographs, complete those DIY jobs you have been meaning to do. Then agree both the online and offline marketing strategy, including regular feedback and agreed time frames for general updates.


Accepting an offer

Its hard to know the best offer especially when it comes early into the marketing process, don't jump to quick decisions take your time and talk it through with your agent. When you have an offer you are happy with agree some time frames so everyone understands the target dates.


Apply for mortgage

If you’re using a mortgage provider for any part of the purchase, you’ll need to submit a full mortgage application to begin the process. This will require information about yourself and about the property you are purchasing.


Instruct solicitors to progress with legal work

Your agent will send out a memorandum of sale to all parties involved, but before the solicitors can send the draft contracts they will need your full authority to go ahead.


Draft contracts sent from your solicitor to the buyers solicitor

Now your solicitors are instructed they will issue draft contracts to your buyers solicitor. If you are purchasing a property they will receive draft contracts on your purchase and apply for the relevant searches. We would recommend to maintain regular contact throughout the process to ensure all milestones are hit.


Survey on your property

If you are taking out a mortgage, your lender will usually offer you two types of inspection; a Basic Valuation Report, which will briefly check the condition of the property and how much the house is worth or a Homebuyers Report that will provide much more detail on the overall condition of the property. Some people decide against a Homebuyer or building survey because of the expense. Although this saves costs in the short term, in the long term these reports could actually save you thousands of pounds in repairs.


Initial property enquiries

There will be a number of pre-contract enquiries raised by the buyer's solicitor to the seller's solicitor. If you are the seller, respond to them honestly and promptly to avoid unnecessary delays.


Mortgage offer and searches received

Great news, searches are back and your mortgage is fully agreed. Your solicitor will check the mortgage offer, but it's recommended you check the offer yourself, if there are any errors picking them up early can save considerable time.


Any further enquiries raised and answered

As a buyer or seller, this point is frustrating, as you just want to move into your new home. If the further enquiries are taking longer than you would expect, talk to your agent to assist with a quick resolution to these issues.


Request for contracts to be signed and deposit monies

When these are requested, don't delay in sending them across, it doesn't mean you are fully committed until your solicitor exchanges the contracts. This allows time for any minor points to be resolved.


Contracts Exchange with fixed moving date set

Before exchanging contracts, it is often advisable to take one last look at the property ensuring things have not changed. Once you and your solicitor are satisfied that everything is in order, the contracts can be exchanged and purchase becomes legally binding.


Arrange removals and organise utilities

The moving day itself can be stressful, but if you are organised in advance, the day will be a lot simpler. See our Moving Checklist in our Sellers Guide


Completion - Move into your new home

Finally the day of completion is here, and you can get your keys to your new home.

On most occasions the monies transferred by your solicitor won't reach the sellers solicitor account until after midday, we know it's frustrating but the keys can’t be released before this happens.


Thinking about selling your home?

Whether you're just considering it or ready to get a professional valuation, we're here to help