Our Approach

Picture this, you are at a party and a friend introduces us, you ask me “what do you do for a living?”, I reply “I am an Estate Agent”, “Oh!” you say as you fold your arms and take a step back.  We get this all the time, but then as people get to know us and start to chat with us, they start to realise we are friendly, genuine people with a lot of knowledge, experience and expertise to offer.  There are so many great estate agents out there, but the rogue agents seem to be the ones who are remembered.

It would be nice to think that we could change the face of estate agency, I think that may be a bit ambitious!  However, if we can challenge the perception that you have, and your friends and family, then that’s a good start for us.

Having worked in the corporate world of estate agency for many years, we know that sales targets and pressures are high, customer service gets lost in the fight for commission.  We strive for a happy team and happy clients, if we focus on our business values that we hold strong, we believe that the rest will follow.

Jon Stubbs


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