Summer Selling for an Autumn Move

Summer is a great time of year to sell your home. With bright, sunny days, gardens at their greenest and flowers blooming, your marketing photos will look fabulous! So, how can you best take advantage of the benefits of selling during the summer?

Now that you have that free time!

How many times have you said “I wish I had more free time” or, “I don’t have the time, I’ll do that tomorrow”? Well, maybe now is the time if you are finding you have more free time on your hands! You can still be proactive, whilst staying home and[...]

Is 2020 the year to sell your home?

Is it time to sell? Its now been five weeks since the general election and so far, the signs for the housing market this year are positive.  In December, sales were up 6.2% according to HM Revenue and Customs and this year so far Rightmove have recorded a 2.3% rise in[...]